5 Energy Boosting Foods | Foods That Give You High Energy

                        Top 5 foods for boost the  Energy

Do you feel low on energy through the day? Exhausted, tired even as the day goes on… Well, make a few lifestyle changes and see how you perk up for good. Include these five foods in your diet to see the difference.

Energy food

                   Energy food

1. Almonds  : We all know that nuts are a good snack option, so munch on some almonds to get copper and manganese

2. Bananas :  With its balanced composition of sugars (fructose, glucose and sucrose) and fibre, Bananas are the fruits to reach out for when you need that instant energy boost post your work out or after indulging in an outdoor sport.

3.Beans :  Combining complex carbs with protein, beans are loaded with nutrients equally beneficial to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

4. Salmon : Full of the highly beneficial Omega-3fatty acids, this pink fish also contains protein and vitamins  which helps convert the food you consume into useful energy.
5. Eggs : They provide 30% of your daily protein value and the very useful amino acids that is needed by the body to rebuild muslces.
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