5 yoga postures to maintain a healthy heart

                        yoga postures to maintain a healthy heart

Most people suffer with their fast life style. They want change their life style with cultural way.Many people facining health problems like heart problems, hypertension and cholesterol, but are also battling depression and other mental disorders.

While a culture of paid yoga, meditation and exercise sessions are coming up to make people conscious about their health, there are a lot of these yoga postures and meditation techniques that we can try at home. All we need to do is squeeze out a little time from our busy schedules and put health first.

Each yoga posture affects the respiratory system in one way or the other and hence, affects the heart as well.

 Vrikshasana (Tree pose)It’s called Vrikshasana because when it is performed effectively, the person looks like a tree. The tree pose calms and brings balance to the mind. It ensures steady and healthy heart functioning. It is beneficial for people suffering from spine deformities, arthritis of joints of upper and lower extremities and weakness in legs and shoulders.vrikshasana

Veerabhadrasana (Warrior pose)

Veerabhadra’s pose is also called as the Warrior Pose. This pose improves body balance and stamina, releases stress and helps maintain a balanced heart rate. This posture is recommended for those with sedentary or deskbound jobs.images

Utkatasana(Chair pose)

Posing to sit on an imaginary chair is more difficult than you thought. And this is exactly what we do in Utkatasana or Chair Pose. In this intense yoga posture, the respiration rate increases, which is why it is a popularly known heating and strengthening posture.arkward-pose

 Trikonasana (Triangle pose)The body takes a triangular shape in this asana which is why it is called the trikonasana or triangle pose. The deep breathing involved expands the chest and promotes cardiovascular exercise. The posture increases the body stamina. This asana stretches the muscles and reduces blood pressure, stress, and anxiety. It is especially recommended for pregnant women.yoga-trikonasana

 Dhanurasana (Bow pose)This Yoga posture has been named after the shape it takes while performing the asana i.e. like a bow. The posture improves the strength of the back and lower abdominal muscles. It massages the internal organs and the abdomen and stretches the entire body deeply. Most importantly, the posture opens and strengthens the heart and regulates blood flow and production in the heart.images-2


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