8 signs your eyes are trying to tell you about your health

           8 signs your eyes are trying to tell you about your health

our eyes tell it all. Just like our other body organs signal upcoming health issues, so do our eyes. What follows is a list of ways our eyes can be indicating a bigger problem.

1.  you are experiencing double vision or if your vision is getting blurry or dim, it can be an indicator of stroke. You should visit your doctor immediately.

2. A bulgy feeling or sensation in the eyes could indicate thyroid issues, which could be due to hyperthyroidism.

3. A gray ring around the edge of the cornea often goes hand in hand with high cholesterol and triglycerides. This predisposes the person to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. You should have a blood check up if you notice this condition in your eyes.


4. If you have any blind spot or wavy lines in the eyes, it may be a symptom of migraine. If it is paired with frequent headaches, you should go and see your doctor.

5 .Staring at screen all day long stresses your eyes. Blurry vision has become very common in people who have to work on computer every day. But if such problems are persistent, they may indicate a bigger problem of blurry vision syndrome.

6.Yellow eyes can be a symptom of jaundice or low haemoglobin. Yellow eyes indicate that your liver is not functioning properly. This problem is common among adults and children both. Also, if your haemoglobin is low, your eyes could appear yellow.

7. if you are suffering from diabetes and you feel your vision is getting blurry, it can indicate a serious eye problem – diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy affects the circulatory system of the eye. It is one of the leading causes of blindness today.

Blurry vision

Blurry vision

8.Stye is very common but can be painful and irritating at times. Usually, a stye disappears on its own in a few days. But if a stye occurs again and again at the same place and doesn’t go away until two to three months, it can be a warning sign of a rare form of cancer, namely sebaceous gland carcinoma.

Hair loss is very common and can be a result of  factors like poor nutrition, deficiencies and so on. But if your eyebrows continue shedding hair and getting thinner, it could indicate that you are suffering from thyroid. Get yourself appropriately checked.

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