Aerobics | what are the benefits of aerobic exercise?

         What are the benefits  of   aerobic  exercise?

Your lifestyle plays an essential part in maintaining your long-term cardiovascular health.

A healthy diet, moderate drinking, not smoking and plenty of exercise can all help to  maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Inactivity is one of the major risk factors for
heart disease and exercise helps improve  heart health and can even reverse some heart disease risk factors. Below are 5 benefits aerobic exercise has on our bodies.

 Helps prevent health problems.     Aerobic exercise helps prevent cardiovascular  disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and stroke. Even if you already suffer from one of these conditions, aerobic exercise can possibly help reverse and alleviate the ailment.

Strengthens the muscles involved in   respiration.
During aerobic activity, we repeatedly move large muscle group such as our arms, legs,
hips and glutes. As our bodies respond, we   breathe faster and deeper to maximise our
oxygen intake. As we do this, our heart strengthens and beats faster increasing blood
flow to our muscles and back to our lungs. As the heart grows stronger, it improves blood
flow resulting in more oxygen and essential nutrients being delivered to the cells of our

Reduces body fat.
Aerobic exercise not only burns calories, it’s  the only type of exercise that directly burns
body fat. In order for body fat to be burned,oxygen must be used to help produce energy
during the exercise, and this only occurs with aerobic exercise.


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