Alkaline| How to alkaline food reduce acidity

                 Getting the acidic-alkaline balance right

go to link Excessive intake of acid-forming foods can lead to metabolic acidosis. At its worst, this may lead to a coma.

source site A balanced body chemistry is of utmost importance when maintaining good health and helping the body fight disease. Our body has a remarkable ability to maintain a steady pH, at a slightly alkaline pH of 7.4, in the blood. It has been suggested that alkaline diets prevent a number of diseases and result in significant health benefits but many of our membranes require an acidic pH to protect us and help in digesting food.bal

is dating a waste of time Maintenance of the acid-base homeostasis is a vital function of any living organism. The blood’s acid-base balance is precisely controlled and even a minor deviation from the normal range, can predispose one to disease.

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