Skin Care

How to take care of Skin:

Skin care

Skin care

Almost everyone experience an occasional flare-up of skin problem, but it is most prevalent during adolescence, afflicting 85 percent of teenagers to some degree. Hormones are responsible for most cases of acne. Diet and other lifestyle factors, including cleanliness and sexual acitivity, do not cause of acne. In rare instances, sensitivity to a food may exacerbate existing acne, but food does not actually cause it.

Heredity is suspected in some cases of severe skin problems. A number of medications can also cause skin problems.Hormonal agent ,Iodine preparations, lithium and  Anticonvulsants.Stress often triggers a flare up of acne,most likely by altering hormone levels. Hormonal changes can stimulate food cravings.

How Food Can Help:
Clear,glowing skin reflects overal good health.This requires exercise, Adequate sleep,Quitting smoking,and avoiding excessive exposure to the sun,as well as a diet rich in some important nutritents.

Eat Vitamin “A”,and rich” C” foods:

They help build and maintain healthy skin,there is some evidence that beta carotene, which is converted by the body into vitamin “A” the best source of beta carotene are brightly coloured fruits and dark green vegetables.Citrus fruits, berries,melons,kiwi,cabbage,are especially rich in vitamin “C”.

Include B6:

Its found in meat ,fish,poultry,whole grains,lentils,nuts,potatoes,bananas and leafy vegetables.It may reduce skin and health problems by helping to regulate hormones implicated in the development of skin glowing.

Include Zinc:

Some studies link this minerals to skin health and claim it may help to improve acne.Zinc promotes healthy hormone levels and advances heeling.Do not attempt to self treatment with high dose vitamins and minerals supplements.High dose of vitamin “A” can cause dry plaking skin and hair loss.



                                    Five steps for perfect skin

   Step1: Cleansing

                  Good cleansing removes the impurities, bacteria and dead cells that accumulate on   the surface of the      epidermis as well as any residue from makeup, while leaving as  much of the lubricating natural oil (or sebum) as possible.



  A cleanser should therefore be gentle and natural. Use a non-lathering cleansing. Massage in circular movements       over the face and neck. Leave on for 1-2 minutes to dissolve grime and old make-up.

 Then gently wipe off with cotton swabs. Rinse off with warm water.Once in a while, or on a more regular basis for    those with oily skin, a clay or fruit or oat-based cleansing mask used for a deeper cleansing action.

  Step 2: Herbal facial steam

One traditional and very simple way to deep clean the skin is to steam your face for a few minutes.

Steaming removes dirt and pollution very efficiently from the skin, but it removes important natural oils as well.



So, although the technique brings excellent results on an oily skin or anyone suffering from acne, most skin types must bear in mind that in the long term it has a drying effect.

Steaming should therefore be used very occasionally on a dry or aging skin (once in a month is the maximum) and never for more than 2-3 minutes.

On a oily skin, it can be done once a week, and for 5-8 minutes. For a combination skin, 2-3 minutes once a week is recommended maximum. A normal skin will benefit form an occasional steaming (every two weeks) as long as the exposure to steam is not prolonged (5 minutes maximum). It is not recommended for extremely sensitive skins.

Select a herbal facial steam that’s best for your skin type.

Bring the dry herbs (lavender, chamomile, lemon grass, rosemary, etc.) to a boil in LARGE OF WATER. Remove from heat source; steam for 5 minutes.

A facial steam is the best possible way for deep pore cleansing, and each of the herbs used in rich in nutrients that nourish and tone the skin. Immediately after your facial steam, rinse your face with cold water.

            Step 3: Facials

Facials are excellent for stimulating circulation to the skin. It brings fresh blood to the skin.

They promote deep pore cleansing and help heal blemishes and acne. Facialsalso help tone and firm the skin They are several kinds of facials available.facial

You can try some homemade facial masks (clay mask, honey mask, egg mask, oats mask, fruits and vegetables mask to get a beautiful skin.

          Step 4: Tonic astringents

When the facial is completely dry, rinse off with warm water. Be gentle to your skin while rinsing of the facial material.

Use soft, circular motions. Massage your skin; donot scrub it. Immediately after rinsing the facial, apply an astringent preparation to tone and close the pores.

          Step 5: Moisturiser

Dot the skin with moisturiser and gently massage it in smooth circular movementsTry to do this slowly as it allows you to massage the skin and relax yourself.

Applyvitamin E oil or, a small amount of eye cream around the eyes and gently pat it in with your finger. The tapping action helps relieve puffy eyelids and also stimulates  the acupressure points around the eyes

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