eat plenty of these food for fight arthiritis


About one in seven people suffers from some type of arthritis , any of more than 100 disorders Characterized by joint inflammation , stiffness ,swelling ,and pain .

The most common types are ostearthritis , a painful condition in which joint cartilage gradually breaks down and rheumatoid arthritis a system disease that can cause severe pain and crippling .



                    Doctors do not understand why some individuals develope arthritis and other dont , but a combination of factors plays a role .

People with osteoarthritis may have inherently defective cartilage that makes it vulnerable to normal wear and tear. Rheumatoid arthritis develops when an overactive immune system attacks connective tissue in the joints and other organs ,causing inflammation and pain .

                                EAT MORE VITAMIN C -RICHFOOD      
Since vitamin C is importent  for the manufacture of collagen eating C rich foods may help slow the progerssion of osteoarthritis . Best food source peppers , potatoes , and cabbage .

There is also evidence that antioxidant such as vitamins C , Beta carotene , And vitamin E will fight the effects of free radical which are generated by inflammatory compounds and are thought to cause tissue dammage in people with rheumatoid atthritis.

                                                    FOOD ALLERGIES

Some evidence indicates that a small percentage of people with arthritis have food allergies that exacerbate joint symptoms .

Common offenders include shellfish , soy, wheat, corn,alchol, coffee,and possible certine food additives .Researchers have found that for these people removing the allergy – causing foods from the diet has results in less pain .

Healthy Diet

                                                  HEALTHY Diet

If you think a certain food is triggering your pain, remove it from your diet for two weeks and pay attention to any symptom changes .

                       VEGITARIAN DIET

Researchers have found that fasting followed by a strict vegetarian diet for at least three months can bring about significant sympotm relief . They theorize that one benifits of this stict diet comes from fruits , vegetables,and grains,which contibute important antoxidants that can help counter some of the inflammation .

The diet is also very low in or free of animals fats,which may promote the production of inflammatory immune compounds. Astricts vegetarian diet requires professionals supervision to ensure proper nutrition.


1. Fish:  Eat lots of salomon, sardines, and other cold water fish , rich in omega-3 oils, three or more a  week

2. vegetables :Eat 5 to 10 servings every day of dark green or bright orange vegetables , peppers,cabbage   vitamin c food

3. Nuts and whole grains:  Eat nuts seeds and whole grains regularly for vitamins E , a potent antoxidant that helps relieve inflammation and stiffness.


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