Diabetes | ayurvedic home remedies for diabetes

     Ayurvedic home remedies for diabetes  it’s                                                really work

With approximately 64.5 million people in India suffering from diabetes, India is among the top three countries seething under the pressure of high diabetic population. We spoke to Dr. Piyush Juneja, VedicGram on Ayurvedic remedies for diabetes. They are all worth a try.

One liter of cinnamon water daily

Cinnamon contains a chemical to help utilize blood sugar naturally in your body. Add three tablespoons of cinnamon in one liter of boiling water and simmer it for 20 minutes on low flame. Consume the water after straining.

Cinnamon Water

                                                                                                     Cinnamon Water

​Stevia plant

Stevia plant or “Stevia Sanyantra” commonly known as “Meethi Patti” in Hindi is a sweet leaf herb and is helpful in controlling sugar levels, blood pressure and it acts as a natural sweetener. A 2011 human study found that stevia has anti-diabetic properties, including revitalizing damaged beta cells, and compares favorably with the drug glibenclamide but without the adverse effects. This plant is one of the best natural remedies to control blood sugar.

Stevia plant

                                                                                                           Stevia plant


Long-term consumption of honey might have positive effects on the metabolic derangements of type 1 diabetes. This was observed in a 2010 human study.


Consuming garlic (Allium sativum) early morning everyday also helps in controlling blood sugar levels, but it should be consumed empty stomach.


Guava leaves and cumin

Crush a handful of guava leaves and three grams of cumin together. Boil the mixture in a glass of water till it becomes half. Consume the mixture after straining.

Water on empty stomach

Drink eight glasses of water in the morning and take a walk for one hour


Anti-diabetic medicinal plants

Apart from the above mentioned remedies, most common and effective anti-diabetic medicinal plants of Indian origin are Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia), Gurmar (Gymnema sylvestre), Beetroot (Beta vulgaris), Methi (Trigonella foenum-graecum), Ghrita Kumara (Aloe vera), Neem (Azadirachta indica), Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), and Anar (Punica granatum)

Anti diabetic medicinal plant

                                                                                         Anti diabetic medicinal plant

Gymnema Sylvestre leaves

The leaves of Gymnema Sylvestre (Gurmur- a climbing vine), a traditional Ayurvedic medicine for diabetics, significantly reduces the metabolic effects of sugar by preventing the intestines from absorbing the sugar molecules during the process of digestion.

Curry leaves

Eating tender curry leaves (fresh) twice a day

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