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Final Report : 

Hello comes with excellent making quality and fresh Parkour style fights but storywise it could have been more engaging. Akhil shows a big improvement from his début movie. Visit back for our frank review soon. – The idea used for Seenu finding his soul mate’s phone number could have been better. Finally, it is an okay ending. – Vennela Kishore gets a blink and miss role. He dances for “Merise Merise” song and disappears. – After a brief stint of Ajay’s villainy act story progressing at slow pace.

First Half Report:

  Hello has a very crisp first half without any major happenings other than setting up the base for the main plot. Akhil shows promise in Parkour style fights, they are fresh. The second half is critical for the film, stay tuned for the update.

  Kalyani Priyadarshan has a very brief appearance in the first half.

  Kids flashback episode takes time but it’s a pleasant one that sets the base for the story. Jagapati     Babu and Ramya Krishna raise Seenu. More than Jagapati Babu, Ramya Krishnan steals the show    in sentimental scenes.

   Seenu (Akhil) loses the phone that has the last incoming number to find his soul mate. The story      rolls into the flashback on Seenu and Junnu (Kalyani) as kids.

   Simple and pleasant intro for   Akhil without any flashiness of big hero. Akhil makes entry with         “Hello” title song, simple but different dance moves. Very cool.

   Hello show started with Nag’s voice over on how destiny unites people.

   Hello movie live updates will begin at 1 am IST 

   Preview: Hello

It’s a very rare situation when an upcoming movie of a new hero erases the bad memories of a disaster debut and gives a feeling that the hero’s second movie is, in fact, his first movie. It’s the magic of director Vikram Kumar through the teaser and trailer.


    No doubt, it’s a critical film for Akhil after a disastrous debut, especially, when Nag wants to make his son a star hero for future. The film should erase all the bad memories and emerge as a winner and also prove that Akhil is indeed a hero material to look out for.

  When it comes to Akhil’s looks and dances, he is good but the real problem lies with his acting. Though he didn’t get any challenging role in the debut movie, he failed to impress with his acting. So, it’s crucial for him to impress the audiences with his acting, even.

 ‘Hello‘ is almost like his debut and he needs to impress big time and make everyone believe him as  a future hero. When it comes to the music of the movie, all the songs are decent and being a love story, it has all melodies which seem to be in the right place to generate the feel.

  The credibility of director Vikram Kumar is helping the movie to put up a tough fight with Nani’s movie and hence, the comparisons with Nani’s ‘Hello’ are obvious. Akhil’s movie has to overcome all the odds and challenges and get a good opening, which would serve the purpose.

 Besides good buzz in the domestic market, ‘Hello’ will have a good opening in the US, as well. Thanks to director Vikram Kumar as he is a favourite of the US folks.

The trailer was impressive and promising. Let’s see if it repeats itself in the film, too. Just wait for our genuine Hello movie review. Stay tuned folks.

  Hello US Premier gross: $58,240 as of 5 PM EST.

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