If you want weight loss you need to do these simple 6 things

        you want weight loss you need to do these simple 6 things

Weight loss is anything but simple – ask people who have been tirelessly working towards losing weight. They are often faced with the frustration of hitting the wall and reversing whatever little they gained out of eating right and staying active. But you can, indeed, give your excess flab the finger by doing these six things.

Healthy habits:

It is important to turn the things you try during your weight loss journey, into habits. Walk every day. Eat a light and early dinner. Also, it is believed that if you follow something for 21 days straight, it turns into a habit. So pick one thing at a time and turn it into habit before turning to next.

Healthy habits

                                                                                Healthy habits

Pick the workout you like:

Do not go about following a workout that worked for your friend? Instead see what you like doing, even if it is taking a stroll. By just making simple tweaks to your walking, you will see results. Consistency is the key, which gets hampered when you pick something you don’t like. Because ultimately you will stop doing it.

Have more protein:

Protein deficiency in India is high, as high as 70 per cent. And it is mostly because Indian diet focuses too much on carbs. Like it or not, protein goes a long way in ensuring your fitness. Protein is believed to keep you full for longer and boosts fat loss.

Stay hydrated:

 You must drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Not only will it kill unnecessary hunger pangs but will also boost your metabolism and keep your energy levels high.
Drinking water

Drinking water

Start with a bowl of salad

When you sit down for a meal, first have a bowl of salad. You will realise that by the time you finish your plate of veggies, your tummy won’t have space to include too much carbs. This will take care of excess carb intake too.

Don’t obsess over weight loss:

Counting calories after every meal? Weighing yourself every morning and evening? You have to understand that you don’t have to fear weight because your mind is the controller of every function in your body. Treat weight loss like a healthy challenge and a way of life. Stop all the negative self talk!






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