Nutrition facts and Health benefits in fruits peel

            Nutrition facts and health benefits of fruit peel

Nutrition in Fruits

             Nutrition in Fruits

Fruit peel, in general, is discarded in the majority of common fruits even when it found safe for consumption. Here are some salient points to mark why fruit skin is recognized as one of the essential components of our diet since it holds many vital nutrients and non-nutrient compounds that play an important role in the wellness.

  1. fruit peel of some of the common fruits like apples, Oranges,grapes, guava, and  kumquat carry higher concentration of anti-oxidants such as anthocyanin pigments, tannins, catechins…etc than in their flesh

                                                                              orange peel

    (pulp). Blue or purple color fruit peels are rich in anthocyanidin glycosides while yellow color fruits have xanthin, carotenes and luteinpigments. Major components of these pigments are concentrated just underneath its outer layer of skin.

  2. Peel is rich source of rough dietary fibers, also known as NSP (non-soluble polysaccharides), such as hemi-cellulose, pectin, tannins, gum…etc. These compounds add bulkiness to the food, and help prevent constipation by reducing gastro-intestinal transit time.
  3. They, further, bind to toxin chemicals in the food and protect them contacting with gut mucusa and thereby help cut-down colon cancer risk. Furthermore, dietary fibers bind firmly to bile salts (produced from cholesterol) and eliminate them from the gut, thus, in turn help lower serum LDL cholesterol levels.
  4. Peel is low in calories, sugar, and fats; and is free from cholesterol. Again, it adds to the bulk of the food and helps cut down overall calorie intake.

The fruit peel of some fruits, indeed, contains considerable amounts of mineral and vitamins, especially in guava and citrus category fruits. Certain fruit, like in orange, the peel holds rather higher levels of vitamin C(ascorbic acid) than its juice. 100 g of fresh orange-peel

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