physical activity -physical activity for health

                                      Physical activity for health

follow Regular physical activity does wonders for your health, your shape, and your mood.No matter what your age health,and level of fitness.therea form of exercise to suit you.

binäre optionen partnerprogramm Exercises burns calories. It also keeps bones healthy,improvies cardiovascular performance enhance digestion toned the muscles and the muscled and skin , and indresces your chance of getting a restful night sleep


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binäre optionen profichart  In addition to its physical benifits , exercise activities the brain to release endorphins, morphinelike natural painkillers that soothe pain and create a sence of emotional well-being .

stockpair handelszeiten Endorphins are responsible for the “runner high” that many athletes exprience . They help to explain why exercise has a positive impact on your state of mind and ability to manage stress. opzioni digitali giornaliere  Exercise burns fat: In this sedentary society you need to schedule regular exercise to keep your body trim and improve your health.If you eat more food than your body uses up in energy the surplus calories are stored as fat. The only way ti lose weight and keep it off is to combine a healthy low calory diet with aerobic exercise.

ability to pump blood,aerobic exercise makes your body more energy.

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