Rose|Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits of Rose

Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits of Rose


Roses are one of the oldest cultivated flowers. They have been valued for thousands of years for their medicinal and food value.



Asian rose species are used in a number of traditional Chinese medicine formulas. The ancient Greeks, Persians and Romans also used roses as medicine.

Health benefits of Roses

Rose petals:

Rose Petals used traditional medicine, rose petals are used as a remedy for diarrhea, coughs and colds, sores, nervous tension, lethargy and painful joints.

Petals are used to prepare gargles and tonics for colds and mouth sores.

Rose Water:

Rosewater was invented by the Persian physician Ibn Sina in the first century C.E. Among its other uses, it is commonly prescribed for eye inflammation and to strengthen the heart.

It aids in the elimination of wastes through kidneys and also the skin which is the biggest eliminator organ of toxins from the body.



They free us humans of anxiety which is often kidney or nervous system related. Roses are relaxing for the nervous system and also facial lines. Truly try a cup rose tea when you’d like to relax and look and feel softer and more loving.
For drinking it is one of the best supplements you can rely on ! A spoonful of rose water in your morning drink is said to contain as much vitamin C as 10 Oranges.

Rose Oil :   

Rose oil is also referred to as rose attar or otto. It is used to soothe irritated and chapped skin. It is a part of modern traditional and modern aromatherapy which seeks to relieve nervous tension and depression.

Rose Oil

                                                                                                    Rose Oil

Rose Seeds:

Rose seeds are used as an effective diuretic and to cure various urinary tract disorders. Rose hips also have a mildly laxative effect.

Homemade Rose Infusion

It is very easy to benefit from the medicinal properties of roses by preparing an infusion from the buds or hips of the flowers. There is no indication of any toxicity in roses. To prepare an infusion, mix ¾                                                                                         cup rose petals with 1 cup cold water.

Pour in a jar, seal tightly and let sit for 2 to 3 days. Shake the bottle once daily. On the third day, strain the petals and add 1 tbsp. vodka. Transfer to a decorative bottle if you like

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip is extracted from the seeds of rose fruits, known as hips, in South America and is valued as a potent skin-rejuvenator. Roship oil contains pure Vitamin A which is best known for replenishing and restoring skin.

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