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                                         Seaweeds Benefits ,natural remedy for obesity

Indian marine scientists have developed a “natural remedy” from seaweeds for treating obesity and dyslipidemia. seaweeds have been included in the folk medicine for many years in Japan (13,000 – 300 BC), China (2,700 BC), Egypt (1,550 BC) and in India (300 BC).

Their healing properties are said to include everything from lowering cholesterol, shrinking goiters, dissolving tumors and cysts, treating cancer, detoxifying heavy metals, reducing water retention, aiding in weight loss etc.



The product–CadalminTM Antihypercholesterolemic extract (CadalminTM ACe)– is the only one “made by 100 per cent natural marine bioactive ingredients from seaweeds as a natural remedy of obesity and dyslipidemia,” according to Scientists headquartered Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute.
CMFRI scientists prepared the extract from seaweeds which are commonly available in Indian coastal waters and are natural bounty of the sea and are known for their extraordinary medicinal properties, it said.

“CadalminTM Antihypercholesterolemic extract can be administered to regulate clinical indicators leading to dyslipidemia or obesity, total adipose tissue and visceral fat, triglycerides, cholesterol, both good and bad, known as HDL and LDL,” Chakraborty said

The product contains 100 per cent natural marine bioactive ingredients from selected seaweeds by a patented technology, and would be made available in 400 mg capsules, the scientist said.

seaweeds and Human Body Function, Human body requires particular mineral elements as part(s) of their respective structures. All essential minerals required by human body in minute quantity are provided by dietary seaweeds.

The quality of proteins and lipids present in seaweeds are most acceptable for consumption mainly due to their high content in essential amino acids and relatively high level of unsaturated fatty acids.

No land plants even remotely approaches seaweeds as source of metabolically required minerals.



“The nutraceutical does not have any side effects as established by detailed preclinical trials. CadalminTM Antihypercholesterolemic extract is the only product made by 100 per cent natural marine bioactive ingredients from seaweeds as a natural remedy of obesity and dyslipidemia, as far as our knowledge goes,” Chakraborty added.

plant-based capsules to meet the dietary needs of the large vegetarian population in India and abroad. “CadalminTM Antihypercholesterolemic extract has a promising consumer appeal, and market potential especially for the large vegetarian population in India and abroad,”

CadalminTM Antihypercholesterolemic extract is the fourth in the series of the nutraceutical products developed by the CMFRI. Two anti-arthritic and one anti-diabetic nutraceutical products are the other three products developed by the institute in the past.

All these technologies have been commercialized through pharmaceutical companies. Dr A Gopalakrishnan, Director of CMFRI, said the institute is in the process of developing more health products from the underutilized seaweeds.

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