What are benefits of Chewing gum, in the part of digestion

                            Chewing gum  adversely  affect digestive system

People use chew gum for a variety of reasons includes modulating mental status, for example to concentrate more on a particular topic and sometime people used to have Chewing Gum after meal to improve the digestion by increasing in saliva secretion and to help relieve mental stress.

Chronic exposure to a common food additive found in everything from chewing  gum to bread can decrease the ability of small intestine cells to absorb nutrients and act as a barrier to pathogens, warns a study.

Ingestion of the compound, known as titanium dioxide, is nearly unavoidable. It can enter the digestive  system through toothpastes, as  is used to create abrasion needed for cleaning. The oxide is also used in some chocolates to give it a smooth texture.

Chewing gum

                   Chewing gum

“Titanium oxide is a common food additive and people have been eating a lot of it for a long time — don’t worry, it won’t kill you! — but we were interested in some of the subtle effects, and we think people should know about them,” said one of the authors of the study, gret chen mahler, Assistant Professor at Binghamton University, State University of New York

For the study, the researchers exposed a small intestinal cell culture model to the physiological equivalent of a meal’s worth of titanium oxide nanoparticles — 30 nanometers across — over four hours (acute exposure), or three meal’s worth over five days

Acute exposures did not have much effect, but chronic exposure diminished the absorptive projections on the surface of intestinal cells called microvilli, showed the findings published in the journal NanoImpact.

 With fewer microvilli, the intestinal barrier was weakened, metabolism slowed and some nutrients — iron, zinc, and fatty acids, specifically — were more difficult to absorb.

Enzyme functions were negatively affected, while inflammation signals increased, the study said.”To avoid foods rich in titanium oxide nanoparticles you should avoid processed foods, and especially candy. That is where you see a lot of nanoparticles,” Mahler said.

Chewing gum

                    Chewing gum

Benefits of chewing gum :
Chewing gum improves memory.

 Chewing gum reduces symptoms of stress.
 Chewing gum helps to manage weight.
Chewing gum improves digestion.
 Chewing gum improves oral health.
 Chewing gum improves oral Hygiene and
prevent oral bad smell.
 Chewing gum helps in quitting smoking ( Nicotine Chewing Gum)
 Treat Halitosis.
There are countless application of chewing gum because it prevent the mouth from getting dry, prevent the dental carries, freshen the breath, increases the salivation, exercise the jaw muscle, some people uses CG during working because it helps them to focus on their work.
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