yogasanas | How   the  yoga  can  benefit in Babies

                                     How   the  yoga  can  benefit in Babies

Dr Vandana, an ayurveda consultant and Rekha Babu, founder of a maternity care service, Soothika, about baby yoga. Rekha said, “As a mother, and also as a person who spends some time daily in practicing yoga, I understood the relevance of yoga and that is what made us inculcating baby yoga into the daily regimen of a baby.”

Yoga with Baby

                  Yoga with Baby

New born babies and months-old infants cannot move their body according to the instructions given. So, the mother of the baby or an elderly person or someone who interacts with the baby most of the time, helps the baby with the yoga. Gentle stretching’s of the baby’s body parts imparts a lot of benefits to them both mentally and physically, say experts.

enter Mental benefits

  •  There are many emotional and mental benefits of baby yoga.
  •  It creates a spiritual bond between the mother and the baby through touch.
  •  Yoga helps in having better understanding of each other.
  •  With good understanding, good communication and interaction is made possible which strengthens their relationship.
  •  The baby feels that they are more secure as their needs are being listened to and is responded properly.
  •  A feeling of closeness is maintained.Behaviour becomes better with this kind of communication and babies give a good response.

    Baby yoga

                                      Baby yoga

Physical benefits

  •  Along with mental, there are definitely many physical benefits of yoga in general.
  • Yoga strengthens the spine, neck, joints and tones the muscles of the baby’s body.
  • It improves circulation and thereby increasing oxygen level and is known to aid in proper respiration.
  • Colic is something that upsets a parent, with constant crying of a baby. In order to alleviate the colic and constipation baby yoga is of great importance.
  • Better sleep patterns could be seen. Deeper and longer sleeps are essential for a baby’s overall development and for their relaxation.
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